Great Minds and Taglines

I’ve been trying  to come up with a new tagline for my new blog. When the dull recesses of my mind finally offered up one that I liked it seemed a quick check of the internet would be prudent; the tagline’s clever but not terribly original. And yes, of course, someone has thought of it before me. I’m pleased to be in such fine company:

Before long, computers will be as trivial and plentiful as chairs (and a couple of decades or so after that, as sheets of paper or grains of sand) and we will cease to be aware of the things. In fact I’m sure we will look back on this last decade and wonder how we could ever have mistaken what we were doing with them for ‘productivity.’

How all my other blogs went.

How all my other blogs went.

What’s really impressive is that the article is dated 1999. I was still in high school while Douglas Adams was out conquering the internet – and 14 years later getting it completely right. I wonder what he would say about Google Glass.

And now let’s take this new blog for a ride.